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I have always loved to draw.  I temporarily lost my hearing when I was ten years old, and after all the books were read, I turned to copying the illustrations, and I was hooked.  I put my love for drawing on hold to pursue music, which turned into a career in music education.  Creating bulletin boards and making posters that my meager budget didn't allow me to purchase rekindled my love of art.  I still didn't have much time to devote to art, but did manage some community education classes, then workshops and serious practice.  I continue toward finding my artist's voice - creating pieces which look the way I feel about my subjects and about painting as a whole.


I have been painting, selling and exhibiting my work for the last ten years throughout New York and in New England.  I paint in what is known as the American Impressionist style.  I'm less concerned with photo-realism, and more concerned with capturing the mood of the piece.  I focus primarily on landscapes, but I often use still-lifes to hone my drawing skills.  My hope is that the viewers of my work will also get a sense of the mood of each piece, and be able to draw something from it to take with them as they go.

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